Tiger Suit


Songboek bij het album Tiger Suit van K.T. Tunstall.  Met onder andere de songs: (still A) Weirdo – Glamour Puss – Lost – The Entertainer – en meer.

(Still A) Weirdo
Come On, Get In
Fade Like A Shadow
Glamour Puss
Golden Frames
Madame Trudeaux
Push That Knot Away
The Entertainer
Uummannaq Song

  • Arrangement :  Piano Vocal Guitar
  • Uitgevernummer :  AM1002155
  • Titel :  Tiger Suit
  • Uitgever :  
  • Speelnivo :  3
  • Aantal pagina's :  96
  • ISBN :  9781849388153
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KT Tunstall has had a recurring dream since she was a child. She sees a tiger in her garden and goes outside to stroke it. She returns indoors and is seized by the fear that she could have been killed. Over the years, it has occurred to her that the reason the tiger responds so passively is that she herself is disguised as a tiger. That she is wearing a tiger suit.

The Brit Award-winning singer has tapped into that childlike boldness in the making of her third album. Tiger Suit heralds the start of a new musical adventure for KT, where organic instrumentation blends with dance friendly textures, the results of which KT has dubbed as ?Nature Techno?.

Elements of all the influences that make up ?Tiger Suit? come together in the stunning first single (Still A) Weirdo, one of the last songs to be written for the album. A beautiful acoustic guitar line floats through organic and electronic rhythm sounds, while the lyrics are some of KT?s most personal and affecting. Of the song that is sure to strike a chord with many, KT says: ?I had this idea when I was younger that you automatically became more intelligent as you got older. Indeed I am slightly cleverer, as I now know it was stupid to think that!?

And looking back on the making of the album as a whole, she continues: ?I really went out of my comfort zone and wandered off further than expected,? she says, ?and it made me realise I can do anything. There are no rules, there are no constraints, it?s just about what you?ve got the balls to do.?

The album has received consistently high ratings, including 4.5 stars from Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic, saying it is “built upon Tunstall’s strongest set of songs yet” and calling it “an excellent album that satisfies as pure sound and as songwriting sustenance”.

This official matching folio contains all the songs from the album arranged for Piano and Voice with Guitar Chords.