The Best Of


Your Love Is King – Smooth Operator – Jezebel – Hang On To Your Love plus alle andere tracks van het album van Sade. Gearrrangeerd voor piano, zang en gitaar. 

Cherish The Day
Hang On To Your Love
Is It A Crime
Kiss Of Life
Like A Tattoo
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Never As Good As The First Time
No Ordinary Love
Nothing Can Come Between Us
Please Send Me Someone To Love
Smooth Operator
The Sweetest Taboo
Your Love Is King

  • Arrangement :  Piano Vocal Guitar
  • Uitgevernummer :  AM92663
  • Titel :  The Best Of
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  • Aantal pagina's :  80
  • ISBN :  9780711947436
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Your Love Is King’, ‘Smooth Operator’, ‘Jezebel’, ‘Hang On To Your Love’ plus all the tracks from the album. Arranged for piano, voice and guitar.