The Lyrics


Dit boek bevat alle songteksten voor elk nummer dat Nirvana ooit gemaakt heeft. Elk album heeft een aparte sectie, net als alle b-kanten, zeldzaamheden en demo’s, en zwart-wit foto’s. Dit boek geeft fans iets nieuws om terug te gaan naar de echte luister-ervaring van hun favoriete Nirvana songs.

About A Girl
Aero Zeppelin
All Apologies
Been A Son
Big Cheese
Big Long Now
Come As You Are
Drain You
Endless, Nameless
Even In His Youth
Floyd The Barber
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip
Hairspray Queen
Heart Shaped Box
I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
In Bloom
Lounge Act
Mexican Seafood
Milk It
Moist Vagina
Mr. Moustache
Negative Creep
Oh, The Guilt
On A Plain
Paper Cuts
Pay To Play
Pennyroyal Tea
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Rape Me
Scentless Apprentice
Serve The Servants
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Something In The Way
Spank Thru
Stay Away
Swap Meet
Territorial Pissings
Verse Chorus Verse
Very Ape
You Know You're Right

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A fantastic companion to the Nirvana catalogue, this book contains all the lyrics for every Nirvana song. Presented in a simple format, with no interpretation or discussion so that the words speak for themselves, communicating the energy, angst and anger of the most influential band of the the 90’s.

On their own the lyrics take on a powerful poetic quality that is almost voyeuristic as we seem to delve into the mind of one of the greatest rock songwriters of all time.

With a section for each album as well as all the b-sides, rarities and demos and interspersed with black and white photographs this volume will give fans and readers something new that they can take back to the listening experience of their favourite Nirvana songs.