Beck Guero


Het bijpassende songbook voor het album uit 2005 van Beck, allemaal in accurate gitaar tablatuur.

Met Guero  heb je het allemaal, alle 13 songs van het album, inclusief de single Hell Yes.


Black Tambourine
Broken Drum
Earthquake Weather
Emergency Exit
Farewell Ride
Go It Alone
Hell Yes
Que' Onda Guero
Rental Car

  • Arrangement :  Guitar (TAB)
  • Uitgevernummer :  HL00690792
  • Titel :  Beck Guero
  • Uitgever :  
  • Speelnivo :  4
  • Aantal pagina's :  80
  • ISBN :  9781423400066
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  • UPC :  73999974881
The matching folio for the 2005 album by Beck, carefully trascribed in accurate Guitar Tab.
From sruffy lo-fi producer to suave lounge lizard to acoustic troubadour and back, Beck remains unpredictable and seemingly unaffected by the pressures of a stale commercial music industry. With the lyrical invention of the great Beat poets and an uncanny ear for an addictive hook, his songs have a sound that is all his own. With Guero you get it all, as Beck mixes and (mis)matches styles in the manner of Mellow Gold, but with all the pop savvy of Midnight Vultures. This songbook features all thirteen songs including the single Hell Yes.